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,Caely building

KUALA LUMPUR: Nine directors from the existing board of Caely Holdings Bhd were removed, while four new directors have been appointed at an EGM yesterday.

The lingerie maker said in a statement that a total of 135 million shares out of the 258 million issued shares (representing 52%) voted in favour at the EGM.

One existing non-executive non-independent director, Datin Fong Nyok Yoon, remains on the board.

The newly appointed directors are Leong Seng Wui, Datuk Kang Chez Chiang, Ng Keok Chai and Krishnan Dorairaju.

Leong is currently the group executive director of Green Packet Bhd.

During the EGM, Caely’s existing group executive chairman Datuk Loh Ming Choon said that pending final determination of the lawsuit in court (which was believed to be the Kuala Lumpur High Court Suit No. WA-24NCC-171-03/2022 filed by the company), he declared that the EGM is adjourned and dismissed all directors from the meeting.

Caely products at boutik

Caely said following the declaration by Loh, the requisitionists continued with the meeting as the adjournment is invalid on the following basis:

> Firstly, Article 82 of the Company’s Constitution had clearly stated that any adjournment has to be put to vote and shall be determined by a poll.

Despite Loh was being advised by the company secretary of the same, his advice was ignored.

> Secondly, it said there there is no injunction obtained by the company to adjourn the EGM.

As far as the Kuala Lumpur High Court Suit No. WA-24NCC-178-03/2022 filed by the Requisitionists is concerned, the requisionists’ intention to withdraw the same was made known to the company during the case management on June 13, 2022.

“As such, the shareholders present had then unanimously appointed Leong as chairman and the EGM was convened with the necessary quorum.

“On the resolutions of the EGM, the first resolution was withdrawn while the second resolution was not carried out.

“All the other resolutions were passed by the shareholders with more than 99.99% voted in favour,” Caely said.

Niche Unity Consultants Sdn Bhd was appointed as the independent scrutineer of the EGM.

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